Winter break and grading

Just wanted to let you know that we will be closed on 27 January and 3 February. Obviously, any payments for those date will roll over.

When we come back, on 10 February, we are going to prepare for the grading. I plan to have the grading on 24 February. If this does not suit everybody we will come up with a solution.

During the grading we will check if the students learned the skills taught – blocks, kicks, punches and positions.

The junior grades start with white belt (10th cup) to red belt with a black stripe (see here:

Yellow belt (8th kup) need to perform Taeguk Il Jang – see previous post or a YouTube video here:

The next belt (7th cup – yellow with green stripe) should perform Taeguk I Jang – see it

We will practice those in the coming weeks but I also suggest training poomsae at home.

I will answer all the questions on Thursday.

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