Basic rules and etiquette

Basic rules:

1. You are most welcome regardless of your age. Everybody was a beginner once.

2. Do not worry: you will practice with someone of appropriate height, age and experience.

3. Wear comfortable clothes (cotton tracksuit) if you do not have a dobok. A dobok is a Taekwondo uniform. You can buy one form your Master.

4. If you decide that you like Taekwondo, you should train in your dobok.

5. If buying it yourself (on eBay or in a shop) please make sure it is the WTF or Olympic style dobok.

6. We practice without any shoes or in special taekwondo shoes.

7. Make sure that your toenails and fingernails are clipped.

8. If in doubt ask. If you cannot do something, tell your instructor. You will not impress anyone if you get injured.

9. Apply the core values (tenets) of Taekwondo every day – in training and outside.

10. Report any injuries, medical conditions and disabilities of any kind to your Master before training. We will do everything in our power to help you feel good and practice as much as you can.

11. Report any concerns to your Master. If the concern relates to your Master, report it to Dublin Taekwondo Academy – Master Michael Ho at 087 257 9288.

12. During the training Clongriffin Junction becomes our Dojnag (the training hall) – bow towards the flags before you enter the floor.

13. Take all your rubbish with you from the Dojang or your Master will have to clean it himself. He does not like it.

14. The fees are €5 per class or €25 for 6 weeks – you get one class free.

15. We start at 6 pm with the beginners group. More advanced or older students start at 7:30 pm for some more advanced training.

Please, fee free to contact me, if you have any questions.